TAROT Unlocking the Arcana

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Tarot Unlocking the Arcana
By Angelo Nasios
I was so excited to open the package from Schiffer when it arrived. The first thing to get my attention was the book was a hardcover. The cover design artwork is just beautiful. The chapter’s titles certainly seemed to cover everything that expected.

I love this book. It is comprehensive and anyone at any point of their journey in tarot would appreciate this book. One of the best features is that it has everything here in one book that is needed to get a solid start.

One of the things that I found frustrating when I began I had resources in multiple places all having good pertinent information. Angelo Nasios has put it all into one book. I have mine marked all up with colored pencils to draw special attention to the elements, suites, and specific information that link them all together.

The author covers in depth the elements, astrology, numerology, seasons, and the directional meaning just to scratch the surface. He also goes into the detail of the history of the tarot. The book has many interesting card spreads that are new to me that I found to be very helpful. Lastly, the thing that I found the cherry on top of the sundae of this book is it is priced affordable so that anyone who wants to learn the tarot can do so. My back pages are filled with notes, I have pages marked, underlined and the sides tabbed so I can easily find things I want in a pinch.

I meet people all the time to ask for what deck or books to start with. To be sure this is the book that I will be recommending and definitely gifting to those beginning their tarot journey in the future. I cannot say enough about this book.

Tidal Ashburn

May 09, 2015



I own A Little Too Broken in both the Amazon Kindle edition and the Audible edition. I am an avid reader. One feature that I use every day on my Kindle is the text-to-speech feature all the time as I am dyslexic. When I heard that Brad Vance was performing the narration of his own book I was intriegiued. I wanted to hear his voice. At the moment, he began I remembered  the difference between text to speech I was not just hearing it read,  but hearing a performance encompassing all the nuances and detail that my eyes envision when I picture the books play out on the giant screen in my mind. was refreshing as well not that everyone in the book is perfect. I do not mind perfect but as a study diet, I find them lack and in the quest for perfection, they somehow miss out on the heart. I immediately fell in love with Jamie and Tom. I found myself transported into the story right in the room with them, not a casual observer listening to a story. I have many favorite authors but there are not many who can actually reach in…touch the heart so deeply with love, emotion, and a tenderly crafted story.

Watching how they met grew into a friendship, relationship and all the complications that go along with it is an amazing journey. It is not a depressing story either…rather of home, redemption and find home. I read this in one day but found myself trying to pace myself and baby it because I did not want it to end too quickly. At the end of the book, I was well satisfied. It also reminds me that if we are honest most all of us have something about us that is broken.

This book is well worth the time it takes to read it. It is also worth the money to get it in Audible form and or Kindle form. There are only a few fiction books that I will return to read repeatedly…this is certainly going to be one of them.

Tidal Ashburn

May 1, 1996

Welcome to the Tidal Ashburn Blog


I cannot believe that April is almost gone and May is right at the door. Some health issues have put me behind schedule in my book releases. To those of you who know me welcome, to those who are new friends, I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself.

I am Tidal Ashburn. I live in central Wisconsin. I am a writer. At this point, I have several books in several stages. One is finished and the rest are in various stages in the editing process. My first book Tarot Tales Presents DIAMOND DUST BLUES is my first book and it is in the cozy mystery genre. I also write in the m/m, and horror genre.

In fact, I will be making a few exciting announcements in the next few weeks and I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by. Please stay tuned for some exciting things to come as well as some great interviews.